Agreement on the provision of services

For Range, on the one hand, and the service recipient, on the other hand (hereinafter referred to as the “customer”), we enter into a contract and agree on the following mutually beneficial activities:

Subject of the Agreement
1.1 By virtue of this Agreement, the Parties agree that during the period of its validity, the “executor” shall provide the services specified in paragraph 1.2 to the “Customer” on the basis of the will of the “Customer”.
1.2 The services set forth in paragraph 1.1 of this Agreement include: creating a web hosting dns record for the “customer”, 24-hour storage – web / mail hosting on the Internet, for which the “executor” allocates a free “customer” for the “client” on his server. The disk space required by it (in the case of a virtual and physical server in accordance with the required technical parameters) specified during its registration. At the same time, the guaranteed UP-time is 90.05%.

Content of the contract

2.1 მხარეები თანხმდებიან ზუსტად და დროულად შეასრულონ ყოველ ცალკეულ შემთხვევაში ნაკისრი
2.1 mkhareebi tankhmdebian zust’ad da droulad sheasrulon q’ovel tsalk’eul shemtkhvevashi nak’isri
2.1 The Parties agree to perform exactly and in a timely manner in each individual case


Remuneration rule (except free)
3.1 The Parties agree that the price of the “order” shall be determined in accordance with the package selected in the National GEL, in accordance with the official prices indicated on the Website, which may be adjusted in relation to the foreign exchange rate of the national currency. 3.2 The “Customer” undertakes to pay the amount specified in paragraph 3.1 in accordance with the invoice received after expressing consent to the online contract, as well as to advance in each subsequent period, according to the invoices sent by the billing system as a sum of the cycle selected by the “Customer”.

4 Dismissal
4.1 The Parties shall be relieved of any liability under this Agreement if the partial or complete non-performance of their obligations is due to the force majeure (force majeure) to them. Such circumstances include: combat operations, natural disasters, sabotage, fire, blockade, electricity crisis, changes in legislation and other circumstances that make it impossible to properly fulfill obligations.
4.2 Upon the expiration of the force majeure circumstances, the parties shall fulfill all the obligations assumed before the occurrence of such circumstances.

Obligation of the parties
5.1 Executor ”is obliged to: constantly monitor its servers and take care of their security, maintain a backup copy of the website (if any) every 3-10 days and in case of unauthorized damage to the website, restore it from the backup. To back up the information uploaded to the servers on his / her personal computer and / or nevertheless, as there is no 100% guarantee that the files will not be damaged and / or not deleted, the “customer” is obliged to periodically save CD / DVD discs and not leave copies only on servers. “For Range” is not responsible for the loss of files placed on servers by the subscriber.
For Range recommends that subscribers keep a backup of their backups, but the “executor” is not responsible for the security of the software used by the “customer” in the web space allocated to him.
5.2 The “customer” is obliged to fulfill the terms specified in the contract 3.2. Obligations under paragraph;
5.3. And towards organizations; – violates the rights of minors, may harm them in any way; – violates or restricts the rights of minorities; – Uploading, sending, transmitting or otherwise posting content that you do not have the right to make public under Georgian law or any contract; – Loading, sending, transmitting or posting content that concerns any patent, trademark, commercial secret or infringes the copyright of a third party. – Loading, sending, transmitting or otherwise posting content that contains spam (including search), foreign e-mail addresses; – Loading, sending, transmitting or otherwise posting content that contains viruses and other computer codes, files and programs that are designed to limit the functionality of programs, computers and telecommunications devices, For violation or destruction. As well as the publication of serial numbers, codes, logins, passwords, or any other information on commercial software products that will facilitate unauthorized access to the Internet’s paid resources, as well as the placement of links to the above information; – Collecting and storing information about third parties; – Representation in the network of third parties in any form; – Conscious violation of Georgian legislation and international norms;

5.4. In case of non-payment (if any) of the cost of the service, the “executor” is entitled to suspend the service to the “customer” within 5 working days after the expiration of the payment period, during which time he stores the “customer” data on his server (e-mail, website, etc.). After 15 working days, delete all the data of the “customer” from the server carelessly.

5.5. In case of non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the obligations undertaken by the parties, the interested party is entitled to unilaterally terminate the validity of the present contract, to which the parties have no obligation to provide any kind of prior notice.
6 Privacy
6.1 The executor undertakes to keep the confidentiality of the materials posted on the server by the customer, not to store and distribute them and not to transfer them to third parties.
7 Dispute Resolution Rules
7.1. The Parties shall take all measures to resolve any dispute arising out of this Agreement, or to resolve the dispute through negotiations.
7.2 In case of impossibility to resolve disputes through negotiations, the parties shall have the authority to apply to the court and resolve disputes in accordance with the rules established by the legislation of Georgia.
At least once a week.